ChessUp – Smart, AI Powered Chess Board

Chess is an incredible and beneficial pastime since it aids in improving brain functionality, improved memory, and cognitive abilities. If you are a newbie, you might find it difficult to get used to the moves and strategies of the game. This is where ChessUp comes into the picture.

ChessUp is a smart chess board that teaches you how to pick moves and improve your strategies in the game. The board is equipped with an in-built chess instructor that lights up any possible move in accordance with the strength.

Let us now see some of its cool features

Intelligent Board

This chess board is equipped with one of the best chess engines available in today’s market, Stockfish. Furthermore, it features fine-tuning and top-notch picture sharpening designed by the grandest of chess masters. You can master chess moves with the utmost ease while using this board. The board uses Bluetooth to connect to online community via your smartphone app.

AI chess board The board is equipped with light indicators that let you know all possible moves and their strengths. When you touch a piece, the board automatically lights up the positions that are associated with that piece. It also tells you the best move you can make.

Integrated app

Allows you to analyze your gameplay as well as understand the strategies behind your moves. You can also re-watch your game and see the moves in the order they were made. This will let you analyze your actions and learn from them.

Artificial intelligence

Stockfish AI powers the board. It shows all possible moves as well as analyzes your gameplay and then automatically matches levels when playing against the AI. There are so many AI chess bots and Stockfish is one of them. As far as I know, Stockfish is one of the toughest bots to play against. A few years ago, Stockfish was beaten by Deepmind’s Alpha Go Chess engine which is by far the best engine ever created.

Easy To Operate

ChessUp is a relatively easy-to-use board which makes it ideal for use among newbies. Setting up the board is simple. Turn on the board, pair it with your smartphone app and start playing.

Final verdict

ChessUp chess board is designed to help newbies master chess and learn strategies. It is also ideal for professional chess players who want to record and analyze their game and learn advanced strategies and techniques.

The crowdfunding campaign looks viable but since the product has no online presence, do your research before spending your money.


  • Light Indicators
  • Touch Sensors
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Smartphone App
  • AI-Powered Instructions

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe AI powered instructions is the limelight of this board
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