Bosma Aegis – Smart Deadbolt / Door Lock

The security of your property is a critical aspect that should be given priority. One best way of enhancing the security of your home or office is by installing a smart lock. Aegis is one such smart lock that has a ton of cool features. With Aegis, you will have gotten the power to automatically lock and unlock your door with your smartphone, voice assistant, etc. Its break-in detection feature will wow you, as you no longer have to worry about intruders.

Incredibly, when you install the Aegis smart lock, you just replace one part of your deadbolt and not your entire existing locking system. Therefore, you will not have to replace your door keys nor will you tamper with the existing exterior décor of your door.

Highlighted below are the incredible features that make this Aegis deadbolt stand out.

Excellent App for Remote Control

This smart deadbolt comes with an app that gives you the power to remotely control your door. You have the power to lock it and unlock it wherever you are which is incredible. You can also manage and authorize others to be able to access the doors remotely. Finally, it gives you a history of how the door has been accessed, which is a useful security detail.

Advanced Encryption

With the Aegis WiFi lock, you do not have to worry about someone trying to lock your door. It features bank-grade encryption that hackers will not be able to penetrate. So this gives you great peace of mind as you exit your lovely property.

Quick Installation Process

Since you only install the wifi deadbolt on the inner part of your door, the installation process is quite simple and fast. When you are armed with a screwdriver, you will just need about 5 minutes and you will be done. Also, this deadbolt can be paired with Bosma’s smart doorbell for advanced utility.

Aegis uses 4 AA batteries which are included in the package. The battery life is around 6 months on normal use and you can replace it. Not just limited to these features, Bosma Aegis has a ton of other useful qualities. You can find more here. Costing well under $100, this smart deadbolt seems super affordable.


  • Smartphone Control
  • Voice Assistant Support
  • Auto-Lock and Unlock
  • Door Break-In Detection
  • 6 Months Battery life on normal use

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Editor's QuoteAegis is not only cool but also super affordable
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