BeYou – The Transforming Chair With 10+ Ways You Can Sit

Thanks to unbelievable innovativeness, sitting at home or work will never be the same again. Imagine having the ability to sit however you wish. Sounds like a farfetched idea? Well, this is exactly what BeYou chair is delivering. You are assured of having more than ten sitting positions.

You no longer have to contend with traditional office chairs which do not offer versatility as far as sitting positions are concerned. This transforming chair is not only cool, but it is also very practical and will make your life bliss as you get by your day.

If you are someone who needs to sit for long hours as you get your work done, then this is the sit for you. You will always feel rejuvenated as you switch from one sitting position to the other, and this will significantly boost your productivity.

Highlighted below are some of the best features of BeYou customizable chair.

Innovative Transformation

Thanks to the ingenuity behind the BeYou chair, you literally have wings that allow you to easily switch sitting positions. These wings are adjustable so as to give you numerous and creative sitting positions. The backrest is also adjustable such that you can use it as a table, comfortable elbow pad, or a laptop stand.

High Quality

Made out of the best oak veneer, you are assured of getting a durable, stable and strong chair. It is also made of the best foam cushions that are of the highest quality standards. You are certain that your back and bum will feel comfortable when you sit on these high-quality materials.


Since you spend most of your day sitting, it is only fair that you get to sit on the most comfortable chairs of all. The BeYou chair is made for comfort as well as efficiency whenever you are working. You do not need to stress your back whenever you use this chair.

Final Verdict

BeYou is perfect for any person who works for long hours while they are sitting on a chair. There is no need to subject your body to unnecessary stress. This chair will ensure that you work comfortably with a happy back and bum. If there is one bad thing about this chair, it would be its aesthetics. I didn’t like the look at all. Also, keep in mind that this chair does not have neck or head support. If that is something you are particularly looking for, check out Sayl chair.


  • More Than 10 Transformations
  • Made from Wood
  • Foam Cushions
  • Adjustable Wings
  • Holds Up to 400 lbs

Editor's Rating
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis chair is like a bean bag, you can adjust it to any position
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