Bebird N3 Pro – Camera Equipped Ear Cleaning Tweezers

Throw out the cotton buds; Bebird N3 Pro is here. The revolutionary ear cleaning tweezers is a smart ear cleaning technology that redefines ear cleaning as the manufacturers claim. So, we decided to see what it was all about.

Robotic Arm Technology

The robotic arm technology provides multi-functionality. When the lid is off, you get tweezers and a visual cleaning rod with it back on.

Bebird comes in three size options, allowing for easy switching depending on who is using it. It means one Bebird N3 tweezers can serve the whole family, from adults to kids.

Visual Cleaning

Bebird Note3 Pro allows you to get a visual during the cleaning. It has a 10 million pixel, high-definition camera that gives you real-time footage. The special lenses give more clarity, and the LED lights eliminate shadows. All these features allow for greater accuracy and precision when cleaning.

360° Angle Detection

Another interesting innovation is the 360-degree angle projection. The ear cleaning tweezers have a six-axis gyroscope.

It assures safety during usage by maintaining the right measurement. You avoid injuring your eardrums because of improper or too deep insertion, like is the case when using earbuds. It makes the BebirdN3 tweezers safe for kids as young as three years.

Battery Powered

A one-hour charge on the 300mAh battery will give you up to 1-month usage. The pack comes with 12 accessories. Such include alcohol swabs, mini brush, microlens cover, and so much more.

How is Bebird Note3 Pro Different from the Previous Version?

The Bebird N3 improves upon the earlier Bieber Otoscope. The previous one had a 4-axis gyroscope and a 350mAh battery that could only give ten days’ usage. There were complaints about the scoop falling off. The new version is more secure, resulting in a better experience. You may check out their previous version here.

Final Verdict

Although this gadget is useful for everyone, it is particularly helpful for those who tinker with their ears all the time. If you love to keep your ears clean or love messing with it (just because it gives you tingles), get one of these and thank me later. Bebird Note3 Pro is already available to purchase online. You can grab one here and get it delivered in a day or two.


  • 360 Degree Precision Cleaning
  • HD Camera
  • Robotic Arm Technology
  • Safe for Children
  • Intelligence Temperature Control
  • Long Duration Battery

Editor's Rating
4.3 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI would probably use this device for more than just for ear cleaning. The endoscopy camera is useful!
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