AXIS Gear Review: Motorize Your Existing Window Shades

For the longest time now, smart home revolutions have been neglecting window shades. AXIS has, however, come to transform this with Gear; this is the first-ever smart device designed to motorize the window shade.

AXIS Gear is equipped with built-in sensors that will allow you to automate both the opening and closing of the shadows. These features aids in adding comfort, safety, and convenience, making it ideal for both you and your family. Unlike traditional motorization that costs more than $400 per window, the AXIS Gear is highly affordable.

In addition to being luxurious, AXIS Gear costs approximately $145, which makes it utterly accessible. Moreover, AXIS Gear is relatively easy to install, and it only requires basic knowledge. It comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to connect Gear on the inside and outside the mount.

Features of Axis Gear

The AXIS Gear is equipped with some fantastic features including;

Device control

The AXIS Gear has the most convenient on-device controls; this allows you to control the shades with a finger touch. It is equipped with Group Mode that will enable you to control several shades using a single Gear.

Compatible with any Window Shade

Regardless of how big, small, heavy or light your shades are, this gadget works with Roller shades, Vertical blinds, Curtains and Roman shades. It is super easy to install and set up.

Smart Controls

Axis gear curtain robot has different smart control options. Some of these are Smartphone control, IFTTT support, and SmartHome integration. Also, you can easily schedule the on-off time or let the sensor on the device do it for you.

Easy Installation

To install this curtain robot, you just have to follow these three steps.

Step 1: Install the provided mounting bracket on to your window frame
Step 2: Attach the beaded chain or cord loop of your window shade onto Axis Gear
Step 3: Snap Gear onto the mounting bracket


  • Works with any window shade
  • Offers excellent convenience and accessibility
  • Highly luxurious
  • Easy to install
  • Offers incredible security and privacy


  • Nothing that I can think of !!!

Final Verdict

Personally, I hate adjusting my patio curtain blinds just because it is very inconvenient. I live in Austin where it can transition from sunny to cloudy weather in minutes. In such a case, I don’t want to go adjust my curtain manually. If you are in such a situation, getting an automated curtain robot could really help you. Also, with Axis Gear, you can control the blinds with your voice or smartphone which is super simple. And the smart scheduling feature is very useful too. Overall, this product seems like a good home automation tool to own.


  • Fits any window shade
  • Smartphone Control
  • Home Automation
  • IFTTT Support
  • Solar Powered
  • Quick Installation

Editor's Rating
4.2 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteBeing compatible with any window shade, this gadget is a useful smart home device
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