Atari Pong – A Table with a Game Embedded?

During my CES 2019 visit, I had seen some of the coolest gadgets and tech products and this Atari Table is definitely one among them. This is a Pong table that comes in different versions so as to fit the lifestyles like home use and commercial use (eg. in clubs, restaurants etc). I really liked the game which can be played between two people or against a computer if you are alone. It is super simple and you can probably pass hours together with ease.

cool office coffee table

The quality of the table is top-notch, especially the smoothness of the buttons is lovely. This colorful gaming table can not only be used for gaming but also as any traditional tabletop. The glass top makes it look neat.

The table comes in three different modes, Coffee table; for home use, Arcade table; for home and office entertainment and the Cocktail table; made especially for clubs and other public places for paid use. You may watch the video below to get more sense of this cool product.

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Editor's QuoteI wish the table had no white straps


Atari Pong Table: A Cool Table with an Embedded Game

Product Features and Description (As provided by the manufacturer) The Atari Pong Tables are an embodiment of bringing back time and the personal side of games.  Our tables merge together the high-tech mechanical engineering of today and everyone’s beloved game from the 70's.

Arcade Table The Game

True-to-life representation of the classic Pong gameplay done using custom mechanical components.


Equipped with a Bluetooth speaker so you can give your PONG tournament a custom soundtrack!

Led & Clock Display

Allows to gently light the room with a functional digital clock.

USB Charging

Have a few friends over? With 4 USB ports, the table is your own sleek charging station. Juice for everyone!


The Table comes with 3 different versions:

Atari Pong Coffee Table

The ATARI Pong® Coffee Table is a multi-functional centerpiece that contains the retro game you love with today's modern touches of a Bluetooth speaker, 6 USB charging ports, a clock display, and the use of LED lights.

Atari Pong Arcade Table

The Atari Pong® Arcade Table is perfect for any local arcade, movie theatre entertainment room or gaming venue.  Features include 1 & 2 player game modes, coin-operated and ticket dispensing mechanisms, elevated height structure for standing play, and more.

Atari Pong Cocktail Table

The Atari Pong® Cocktail Table will make a great addition to any bar, restaurant entertainment space or lounge. Features include adjustable height capability, 3 levels of playing difficulty, 1 & 2 player game modes, a water-resistant sealed top, and more.     The only thing I dislike about the product is the white straps on its sides, it just looks awful.
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