EcoDown by Apricoat – A Lightweight Winter Jacket for Adventurers

Visiting various places in a bid to explore requires one to have a real adventure coat. Hardcore hikers thought up about the best coat for adventuring and came up with Apricoat jacket which was brought to life by experienced fashion designers. With this jacket, you can comfortably explore anything from an urban jungle to a rainforest.

This adventure down jacket is very durable and has been designed to specifically withstand the elements. The coat is made from ripstop fabric which ensures it does not suffer unwanted tears and rips. The shoulders have been reinforced making it ideal for heavy backpacks and harsh conditions.

An adventure coat is supposed to keep you warm all through. To ensure this is achieved, Apricoat down jacket comes with a padded removable hood, fleece lining in the main pockets and on the neck area. On top of this, it has tighteners on the bottom of the coat as well as on the hood.

Sweating is something common while you go on an adventure, especially when you hike. With Apricoat all-weather jacket this will no longer be a stress to you as it has an innovative ventilation system. The two-arm slits and the upper back slit usually open up to allow air circulation hence cooling you.

We all require pockets to keep the necessary things you might carry with you during your adventure. The jacket has designated pockets for your keys, passport, smartphone, flashlight, wallet, ski pass, sunglasses and anything else you may need.

I can assure you easy movement and staying warm with this warm jacket as it has stretchy, fleece side panels that are 100% knitted. Besides, this jacket is water repellent thus, melted snow or rain does not get too far. With its inbuilt gloves, your hands will be kept warmer too. The jacket comes with a reflective band, sewn into an arm pocket, which you can use in case you need it or tuck it into the pocket when you don’t.

I would describe this all-weather jacket as an eco-friendly product as it utilizes plastic bottles that are recycled to make the jacket’s inner layer and external shell. Isn’t this quite nice as the bottles are no longer in the ocean! This product is no doubt superior, made available for you at a truly affordable price.

The jacket is available in men, women, and unisex cuts and sizes and a variety of colors. I personally like the Yellow Black version.

This product was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter


  • Packs small, extremely portable
  • Water Repellent
  • Ventilators everywhere
  • 11 Pockets for every use

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Editor's QuoteDid you just say 11 Pockets? My heated jacket has just 2....
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