Apeman Seeker – A Smart Bike Accessory

If you are looking for a cool bike gadget that can do a lot of things, you are in the right place. While I was at CES this year, I came across this bike accessory called Seeker by Apeman. It is a front and rear action camera for your bike, a tail and headlight and a laser lane indicator. Let us know more about the product.

Apeman Seeker Smart Action Camera

Seeker is available as both front and back attachments. Seeker F1 is for the front and S1 is for the back of your bike. The camera housing is where you have the light indicators. The back attachment has an orange tail light and the front one has a white one. The tail light is pretty smart. It flashes when you brake or accelerate quickly. This is a safety indicator too.

Apeman Seeker Action Camera

The action camera is the heart of this gadget. This Apeman action camera has a dual-screen, image stabilization and can shoot 4K in 60fps. The camera is waterproof upto 16ft. Best of all, it has a battery backup of 5 hours which is insane. With this camera, you can record every moment of your bike journey, be it good, bad or awkward!

Apeman Seeker Dashboard View

The gadget connects to your phone and you can stream your tail camera live while you are riding. This is like a rearview mirror to you.

Apeman Seeker- Action Camera

Apeman seeker has another very useful feature. It has laser lane indicators on either side of your bicycle. This way, you know the lanes and can ride the bike carefully. This also helps other vehicles to identify your path and navigate safely.

Apeman Seeker Camera
I guess you can see the laser beam

Apeman Seeker- Action Camera

Not just limited to biking, this action camera can be used for other adventures too, be it scuba diving, droning, timelapse, whatnot. Apeman seeker is expected to launch on Kickstarter in Q2 if not Q1 of this year and the pricing information is not available to me yet. You can visit their site and sign up for their newsletter to get early bird offers.

Apeman Seeker S1


  • 4K Camera
  • Smart Tail Light
  • Smart Digital Dashboard
  • Anti-Collision Laser Bike Lane
  • 300mins Battery Life
  • Shoots at 4k/60fps
  • Waterproof
  • Smartphone app

Editor's Rating
4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI really liked the laser beam lane marking feature
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