AirView 2 – 4K Wireless Touchscreen Monitor

It is time to dispose all the clutter and cable in your briefcase or backpack. Because AirView just announced its latest monitor called AirView 2 which is a successor of their older version AirView. AirView 2 is a wireless multi-touch monitor that can be turned into a display, speaker, charger, car infotainment system, dock, and anything else you need. It’s a whole entertainment package with an ultra-responsive and ultra-wide touchscreen.

Portable Display

Your monitor cannot be transported all over, but the AirView 2 monitor can. It’s a super-cutting-edge wireless desktop featuring a touchscreen exhibition that can be transformed into whatever. Users can turn smartphones into mobile computers, plus it can function as a Laptop/ PC’s external screen. It can support Android and iOS wirelessly. It’s remarkably suitable for versatile productivities.

I wish this monitor was a bit more aesthetically pleasing

Owing to exceptional battery life, you can wholly depend on the AirView 2 wireless monitor, whereas gaming on a larger screen with additional clarity and efficiency. The 4k wireless monitor can function as a vehicle infotainment system by smartly linking your phone. Who doesn’t like to have a display like the one you see inside Tesla?

There are two screen size options, 13.3′ version and 15.6′ version

Huge Battery

AirView 2 has an integral long-lasting battery of 10200mAh capacity. For comparison, a typical iPhone’s battery is around 2000mAh. With such a huge capacity, you can use the monitor for about 4 hours on a single charge. Also, by supporting PD quick charging, AirView2 lets you charge it under 2 hours. That’s not all, this monitor can also be used as a portable PD power bank.

Wireless Touch

The Airview2 touchscreen display provides a 1080P or 4K resolution over a wireless connection. It uses wirelessHD zero-lag transmitter to offer a lag-free transmission. Also, it supports touch functionality. Wireless + Touch is the perfect combination you can think of. The monitor supports an extensive range of various podiums counting the Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, iPhone, Android, Windows, TNT, Mac, Samsung, etc.

Stereo Hi-Fi Speakers

This wireless monitor has a wide-ranging frequency and greater sensitivity standing stereo speakers. The incorporated speakers offer crystal-clear, natural sound, and robust reproduction; consequently, each audio scene sounds remarkable.

Who should buy this?

AirView2 can be enjoyed by vloggers, gamers and office workers, and other professionals who want to do away with all the wired devices plus tangled cables. This monitor is also good for coders/programmers who constantly switch applications, consoles, etc. Also, you can use this monitor as a TV for your car for watching some videos or movies. Honestly, I would not buy this monitor because of its poor design/look. Even though it is hard to find a wireless 4k touch monitor, I would wait for the right one.


  • Up to 4K Resolution
  • Wireless Monitor
  • Touchscreen
  • Zero Lag
  • 4 Hours Battery Backup
  • Quick Charging
  • Weighs ~ 900 grams

Editor's Review
4.4 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThis average looking monitor packs in a lot of useful features
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