Airthings View Plus – Advanced Air Quality Monitor

Have you ever wondered if the air around you is pure and hygienic enough to breathe? Even if you live in clean countryside, you are still at risk of breathing harmful components such as radon that can sneak in through your basement with no indication.

AirThings View Plus Air Monitor Side View

In this article, I am going to talk about a cool smart home gadget that can not only monitor the air around you but also send it to your smartphone so you can know the air quality in real-time. Meet Airthings view plus. The company has a range of air quality testers but this is their most popular one.

Advanced Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Airthings view plus is capable of detecting and measuring matter (PM2.5), carbon dioxide (CO2), radon, VOC (airborne chemicals), humidity, temperature, air pressure and pollen levels. Apart from measuring, it also displays that info on its display.

Smart Device

This product comes with a smartphone app and connects to your wifi for data transfer. This means, you can access this device from anywhere in the world. You can be in Las Vegas and check the air quality in your Austin home.

e-ink Display

Airthings view plus features an e-ink display to output the metrics. E-ink is black & white and uses minimal energy, thereby increasing the battery backup of the device.

AirThings Air Monitor Features

Battery or USB Powered

The gadget is powered by a battery inside it. If you want, you can also power it with a USB cable. The battery lasts for about 3 years (differs depending on the usage).

View Plus Air Monitor Back View


API Access

If you are a developer or a hobby programmer, you can use their API to do smart home integration, control and whatnot.

There are many more features of this product, check them out here


  • Wifi Connected Smart Device
  • App/Dashboard with Insights
  • Black and White Display
  • Battery OR USB Powered
  • Battery Life of 2 years

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Editor's QuoteIf you live in an urban or radiation prone area, this gadget is a useful one
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