Airlift Pro S3 Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Review

This height adjustable desk by Airlift is one of the coolest computer desks you can buy. Some of the best features of this desk include motorized height adjustment, button control, and dry erase surface. The erase surface lets you write anything on the desk (with a marker pen) and erase it after you are done. This comes very handy. For example, you can take a quick note when you are doing something and erase it later.

The table comes in different colors including black and white. I would love to have the white one. The height adjustments can be made via the buttons on the right side of the table. You have different modes to choose from.

There is a digital display that shows you the current height. This table is very useful for a person who would love to switch between sitting and standing while working.


  • Dry-Erase Surface
  • Auto height adjustment
  • Button Control
  • Ergonomic Design

Editor's Ratings
4.6 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteThe ergonomics of this desk is exceptional
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