Aerial A1 Off the Ground Tree Tent/Hammock

The latest Aerial A1 Tree Tent features a whole new category of accommodation as it is equipped with all the essential features you can find in a traditional tent. In addition to that, you will benefit from a durable hammock featured in this tent. If you are looking for a tree canopy tent, then the Aerial A1 Tree Tent will be best for you. This off ground tent features a lightweight design making it highly portable and best for hiking and camping. Let us jump into the features of the Aerial A1 Hammock.

Aerial A1 Whats in the box


1. Lightweight

If you are into outdoor activities, then you probably understand how vital it is to have a lightweight tent. The Aerial A1 Tree Tent has been designed to offer that since it is designed from lightweight materials.

2. Hammock design

The Aerial A1 Tree Tent offers maximum comfort from its highly reliable hammock design. This has been made possible by the use of the slackline-inspired system with loops that offers web straps around the trees. You will achieve four points when you attach all the sides to your tree, hence having a reliable and robust connection.

3. Comfortable 

For individuals that are looking for maximum comfort during camping or hiking, you should consider purchasing this highly versatile tent. It is purposely designed to offer you with utmost satisfaction.


The primary goal of the Aerial A1 Tree Tent is to offer the clients with maximum comfort during camping or hiking. In addition to that, this tent features a hammock design that keeps you above the forest floor; hence this will aid in keeping you above water if it rains and safe from crawling insects as well. P.s: You can use this tent as a regular ground tent as well.


  • 3 Internal Pockets
  • Removable Fly
  • Single pole setup
  • Compatible with Sleeping Pad
  • Can be set up on the Ground
  • Holds 2 People

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4.7 / 5 Ratings

Editor's QuoteI am in camping mood right now, thanks to Aerial A1
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