AER – High Performance Cordless Hair Dryer

Fraud Alert – Based on the recent activities and comments on this Kickstarter campaign, the manufacturer seems to have disappeared. Do not purchase this product until further notice.

Nowadays, all devices are being freed from cords from headphones to phones and vacuum cleaners. It is no doubt that cordless is the future, and the revolution has already started. As a result, the hairdryers are becoming cordless as well. There has never been a battery so powerful to power a hairdryer; however, this has been changed by AER. The AER dryer has been designed to help improve flexibility, freedom, and hair health. It has taken 8 years for AER to develop a cordless hairdryer.

Features of AER Cordless Dryer

The cordless AER dryer has been equipped with amazing features, which makes it one of the best hair dryer products you can find in today’s market. Some of these features include;


The traditional hairdryer tends to use more power when compared to the cordless AER dryer. The AER dryer replaces approximately 100 regular dryers; this means that you will be able to remove the energy level, which is equivalent to 4.5 car emission annually.

Incredible battery

For better performance, the cordless AER dryer is equipped with a superior battery. It is equipped with 120 WH high energy density Li-Ion cells with an incredible silicon anode technology. Furthermore, it comes with an incredible charge base that offers a full charge within 90 minutes.

Smart technology

AER dryer features an incredible technology; it is equipped with dual 500W heating coils (both AC and DC). In addition to that, this AER dryer features 12 sensors for both continuous and automatic heat, as well as adjusting the fan speed. Its Bluetooth 5.0 makes it easy to connect the dryer to your smartphone with the help of the AER mobile application.


This dryer is equipped with a brushless motor, which makes it super quiet, and it is long-lasting compared to the traditional brush motors.


  • AER dryer runs continuously when it is plugged in a wall for higher heat
  • Highly durable
  • It is equipped with an LED light ring, which makes it more beautiful
  • Charges incredibly fast
  • Highly quiet


  • This is an expensive gadget


  • Both Corded & Cordless Use
  • Smartphone App
  • Up to 4 Hours Battery
  • Different Attachments

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Editor's QuoteAER not only looks aesthetic but also has a powerful drying capability
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