Today, electric bikes have become more familiar and you can find a ton of choices online. Choosing one for your requirements can be cumbersome. You need to consider its weight, payload, speed, power, and whatnot. To aid you in your choice, we have compared two of the most popular electric bikes from Rad PowerBikes i.e Rad Runner Plus vs RadRover 5. Both of these eBikes are powered by a 48V 14Ah battery coupled with a 750W geared hub motor.

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The exact models being compared in this article is given below. Make sure you are checking out the right one.

RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike Check Price
RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike Check Price


RadRover Comparison

First Impression

RadRunner Plus is a classic eBike that takes you to the 70s era. It is a perfect blend of the old look and the latest technology. Although most people don’t love this look, I am sure that there are some classic lovers out there who might find it interesting.

Coming to the RadRover 5, it is completely designed for your off route adventure with a sporty look and standing tall at 30.5″. RadRover is simple and elegant.


RadRover’s fat tire aids you in irregular terrains

RadRover 5
RadRover’s fat tire (26″)

Physical Features

RadRunner Plus RadRover 5

Electric Utility Bike

Electric Fat Bike
Type Utility eBike Off-Road and On-Road
Frame 18″ Aluminum 18″ Aluminum
Brakes 180 mm front and rear 180 mm front and rear
Weight 74.3lb 69lb
Gear 7-speed gear 7-speed gear
Tire Size 20″ x 3.3″ 26″ x 4″

Weight and Payload Capacity

Weight and payload capacity is a must consider factor when it comes to eBikes.

Both RadRunner Plus and RadRover 5 feature an aluminum body. RadRunner weighs about 74.3lbs which is quite heavy considering its size. But it has an inbuilt rear rack adding to the weight. On the other hand, RadRover 5 weighs 69lbs which has a standover height of 30.5″ comparing to just 16.5″ of RadRunner.

Also, RadRover has a tire size of 26″ which is a fat tire and makes it a perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. RadRunner is more of a utility bike where you can take your kids and have some fun rides or so.

Coming to the payload, RadRunner Plus has a capacity of 300lbs while RadRover 5 has 275lbs. I feel the difference of 25lbs doesn’t make much of a difference. Having said that, both these electric bikes have a rear rack (Optional in case of RadRover), so you might well consider if you want to have a double ride.

RadRunner Plus
RadRunner Plus with a rear rack

Technical Features

Have a look at the technical comparison between the two electric bikes

RadRunner Plus RadRover 5
Battery 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion 48V 14AH Lithium-Ion
Motor 750W Geared Hub 750W Geared Hub
Max Speed 20mph 20mph
Mileage ~45miles ~45miles
Charge Time ~6 Hours ~6 Hours

If you look at the above table, technically there is no difference between these two eBikes. Both of them are powered by a 48V 14AH battery coupled with a 750W gear hub motor. RadRunner Plus and RadRover 5 fat eBike both have a pedal and throttle assist with a top speed of 20mps. On a single charge, you can get a mileage of ~45miles (* mileage always varies depending on the mode and terrain). Both RadRunner and RadRover do not have the fast charge capability which in my opinion is a nice feature to have.

RadRunner Plus vs RadRover 5: Which one to consider?

Most of the features are the same and both of these electric bikes are manufactured by Rad PowerBikes. So choosing one among these two comes to a simple choice.

If you are looking for an off-road electric bike, choose RadRover 5. If you are looking for a city commute, choose RadRunner Plus.


RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike Check Price
RadRover 5 Electric Fat Bike Check Price

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