As we are approaching 2020, I thought of compiling a list of coolest of the coolest gadgets and tech products that we discovered in the year 2019. The tech field is evolving day by day and year by year. The products that were conceptual in 2018 became reality in 2019 and the products that seem futuristic today may become a common thing in the next year.

We at G for Gadget have featured hundreds of cool gadgets this year and in this article, I am listing the ones we liked. Most of the products in this article are available online while a few are still being crowdfunded.

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  • 1. RattanXL is the best Long Range Electric Bike you can get

    Over 100 miles on a single charge? This is something we rarely see in the electric automotive industry. Most of the eBikes out there look good, may feel good but when it comes to the battery capacity or the mileage, they suck. If you take a look at some of the best electric scooters or bikes like this one you can probably get a mileage of around 40-50 miles and you are paying at least $500 for such scooters. Last week we featured an all-terrain electric bike called Segway Dirt eBike which has a max range of 75 miles on a single charge but costs north of $2000. Comparing many other electric bicycles with RattanXL, I can confidently say that this is the only electric bike with over 150 km on a single charge at a price point of $700 which is an absolute steal. Rattan bike also has impressive .. [Read More]

  • 2. MiniPresso - Portable Espresso Machine

    MiniPresso GR by Wacaco is a super useful Espresso maker which is so portable. With this espresso maker, you can grind your own coffee beans to prepare the drink whenever and where ever you need. Look how good the product looks, I personally liked the ergonomics. Features like lightweight and easy to use make this cool espresso maker one of the must have travel accessories. No matter if you are visiting the chilling New York or hot Arizona, this gadget should be in your travel bag. Also, the espresso maker comes with a cup embedded in it that should be super useful. Costing just under $50, this cool gadget will be worth it... [Read More]

  • 3. OBSBOT Tail AI Camera is the Coolest Camera You Will See

    OBSBOT Tail AI Camera is among the top choice camera offers the best life moments. If you want to achieve AI tracking, power gesture, and intelligent composition, the model will suit your style. It uses AI technology, including in-depth visual image tracking, posture estimation, behavioral analysis, and recognition. With this, you can focus on shooting and smart tracking of the target up to around 40 meters away. Equipped with a Hoya optical lens system, Sony CMOS sensor, and three-axis gimbal, as well, the gadget will deliver exceptional inspirations of Videography superbly. Noticeably, the modern shar-lock function will quickly re-track and identify even if your target object gets lost in the unconvincing environment. Professional imaging is achieved through OBSBOT camera. It us.. [Read More]

  • 4. Ebo is a Smart Robot Companion for Cats

    OMG. I just had a crush on Ebo, but Ms. Kitty may have fallen in love. The Ebo Smart Robot has rebounded my depressed cat into kittenhood. Ms. Kitty’s partner in crime, Mr. P, died about a month ago, leaving her lethargic, bored and kneading my stomach and head. I grieved with her, but something needed to be done. Another cat? It seemed too soon to me. Also, I admit to enjoying cleaning up after only one cat in the litter box. Enter the adorable Ebo Cat Robot. It arrived on the market just in time for Christmas. It only by happenstance that I found it. I think it should be on the Google list of 10 Best Christmas Presents this year!!! I have told all my friends who are cat lovers all about Mr. Ebo, an innovative, long-overdue high-tech toy for cat owners. Ebo was the purrfect Ch.. [Read More]

  • 5. Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

    If you’ve ever found yourself working and jumping from tab to tab on your computer screen and getting frustrated because it’s interrupting your workflow then this fantastic portable screen is the answer to all your problems!   Desklab is the best portable touch monitor I've seen This extremely portable 4K touchscreen monitor is the perfect companion for any computer system and works, much like a tablet, so you can double down on your efficiency.  The screen has strong vivid colors with sharp and clear visuals. This Portable Monitor for your laptop has some amazing features that you shouldn’t miss, and once you’ve tried this fantastic addition to your computing set up you won’t look back!  There is no doubt that this is the best portable monitor that is complet.. [Read More]

  • 6. Monkii 360, A Cool Home Fitness Device

    The fitness industry is full of complex and time-consuming workout machines and routines. Considering everything that is out in the fitness industry, one must wonder, is there something out there that is effective and time-efficient? After years of seeing the same routines and machines, there is finally a fitness device that is effective and time-efficient; it is called the Monkii 360. The Monkii 360 fitness device is incredibly useful and saves a ton of time. This device encompasses everything you need for an effective no bull workout. With this device, you can tap into both strength and aerobic training. The best part of this device is that it does not take up large amounts of space like traditional workout machines, so you are able to take it with you wherever you go. All of the comp.. [Read More]

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  • 7. ChopBox - A Smart Chopping Board with a ton of features

    You may not have heard of the this unusual kitchen gadget but it will be a household name very soon. Meet ChopBox, the miracle gadget that everybody needs! This smart cutting board is a dual chopping board which will save you space as well as time and money due to its built-in features. A built-in UV sanitizer keeps your utensils germ free by killing off bacteria using UV lights which are built in between the two boards. You can sanitize up to three large knives and bot the cutting boards at the same time, making sure your utensils are disinfected. This feature is safe to use as the UV lights will automatically turn off when the two boards are separated. Having double boards means no cross-contamination, one for raw meats and the other one can be used for everything else. The f.. [Read More]

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  • 8. POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane (RC)

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to put a motor and an onboard circuit on a paper airplane and turn it into an RC Airplane? Well now you can with this smartphone controlled device that attaches to any paper airplane and allows you to fly it from the ground!  That means you can turn a simple paper airplane, or balsa wood or cardboard plane, into a fully functioning RC Airplane with this amazing device. POWERUP 4.0 has an onboard computer/circuit and can function on autopilot.  The device also includes a wind stabilizer allowing you to fly in windy conditions as well as a launch assist meaning that even if you throw a bad launch for your flight the onboard computer will stabilize the plane and pull it up safely into flight.  There are some great features so you.. [Read More]

  • 9. Robobloq Coding Robot - A Cool STEM Toy

    Meet, Qobo, one of the coolest coding robots for kids. With Qobo, your kids can play, learn and master coding skills. What has attracted me most is the signs and Qobo’s card recognizing capability. The game maker has thoughtfully designed the coded cards. If I were to give this to my kids, I am pretty sure they find no difficulty in setting it up. Truly, Robobloq is the best for kids of about 3 to 8 years.   The look of this robot toy is kinda cute. Awww, those tiny little eyeballs! Unlike a traditional remote control toy, this robot can be programmed via your smartphone or laptop. With drag and drop programming, the interface can be used by a 5-year-old kid too. The cards included in the kit represent the roadmap or the steps your robot is gonna take. You can assemble the cards as .. [Read More]

  • 10. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

    Wopet has offered one of the innovatively designed pet feeder systems. When you are not at your home, this feeder takes the responsibility of feeding your pet at the right time. It is a user-friendly, programmable device, and with few clicks, you can set the mealtime. The amount of food to be taken by your pet is also controllable. You need to use 3 D-size batteries for continuing the operation of the pet feeder. However, as per the instruction of the manufacturer, you have to provide your pet with only dry foods. The size of food pellets has to range between 0.2 and 0.6 inches. You may feed your dog four times every day. Moreover, the dishwasher-friendly feeding tray is removable, and you can clean it regularly. The compartment for storing foods is much large. You can record an audio m.. [Read More]

  • 11. ROIDMI NEX Storm: A Smart Cordless Vacuum Mop Combo!

    Almost everyone is familiar with a Vacuum cleaner but did you ever wonder if you could mop the floor simultaneously while vacuuming it? If not, you should meet ROIDMI Storm, a super-smart, wireless vacuum cleaner with a mop. This two in one cleaner is definitely convenient, easy to operate, and super useful. The cordless feature has so much importance that you can use this vacuum mop not only for your home but also to clean your car, your garage and whatnot, that too without needing electricity plug at all those places. This smart mop is very very handy as you can use it in different modes by interchanging the vacuum head. The company claims 60 hours of battery backup which is just amazing but don't take it for granted until user reviews come out. ROIDMI Nex Storm vacuum mop has a d.. [Read More]

  • 12. Morus Zero - A Cool Portable Clothes Dryer

    Looking for a new clothes dryer for your home, hurry not. Meet Morus Zero, a crowdfunded countertop tumble dryer which is extremely portable and futuristic. Unlike the traditional, big and bulky clothes dryers, this gadget works on the bases of vacuum technology which uses low pressure to dry the clothes at a lower temperature. This cool dryer is so portable that can even fit in your Boat or an RV! Some of the product features include but not limited to 15 min dry Vacuum tech UV sterilization Auto reverse Fabric protection The product isn't available at the time of updating this post. Also, some of the online reviews seem negative. Please do a little bit of research and go with the purchase if it comes back to stock anywhere... [Read More]

  • 13. Cool RC Ornithopter Bionic Bird is a Drone from the Future

    You might have seen the futuristic bird like toy that can be flown with a remote. Well, now, you can own one of those and fly them wherever you want. Meet Bionic Bird, a one of a kind ornithopter/drone which costs well under $100. It is lightweight, easy to operate and full of fun. This gadget is not really a drone but its called an ornithopter as it replicates the behavior of a real bird in maneuvers. If you have a kid in your home, he/she will really love it. You can get more info about this remote controlled ornithopter in the manufacturer's website.  .. [Read More]

  • 14. Ooma - Coolest Smart Cam

    Today almost all places are ruled by security cams. Security cams have become part and parcel of society. Here is one security cam that can be carried anywhere anytime. With elegant design, all whether protection and wireless technology, OOMA Security Cam provides protection to your homes with latest security technologies. Whats interesting with OOMA is its wireless technology which allows its users to carry or place it anywhere when they are not available. It can recognize faces and send out notifications to your phones. With long lasting battery, OOMA is a perfect fit to your house hold security needs. .. [Read More]

  • 15. Surge 3D - Cool Wireless Headphone

    In the era of wireless headphones and earphones, choosing the one that fits your need is difficult. There is a wide range of available headphones. Our ultimate goal is to pick one that covers gaming, music, and movies. Here is one such wireless headphone - Surge 3D. The designers have carefully designed to make every experience feel true. With 30 hours of battery life and dual-mode (wired and wireless), it also comes with detachable mike. Given its cost, Surge 3D would be the best wireless headphones given you are looking something for multiple applications. Do let us know what you think... [Read More]

  • 16. Bluesphere - Smartphone Holder with a Wireless Charger

    You may have come across thousands of smartphone holders, but probably not this. Bluesphere, World's first smartphone supporter of its kind. Bluesphere has a unique design that supports different angles and makes your life easier. It acts as an extra arm by providing ultra flexibility to meet all your needs. What makes it much more than a support system is the wireless charging capability. Yes, Bluesphere has an inbuilt wireless charging capability that charges your phone as and when you are watching your favorite shows, surfing or scrolling through your feeds. Multiple installation clamps make life easier. There is no doubt that this gadget is super cool. .. [Read More]

  • 17. LUCI immers - Please your Eyes

    Luci Immers is a wearable device that lets you watch visual content in a never before view. The gadget fits straight to your eye to project the visual content making it one of the more immersive environment for you. If you had tried the Virtual Reality headsets, Luci immers should impress you. The small and portable design makes it easy to carry but I wish it was wireless because I would not want to carry around a piece of wire attached to my body. Here are few features of the product, Stunning Visual Experience 1023'' Giant Virtual Screen 3840*1080 Resolution with 3147 PPI 100K: 1 Contrast Ratio Connect to Your Smartphone. Laptop. Game Console .. [Read More]

  • 18. GIGA Pump - Small Powerful Portable Pump

    Well, well, well, What do I say about this mini air bomb!!! This gadget is definitely going to be super useful. GIGA pump, is a small yet powerful air pump that is a solution to all your inflatables. I know there are hundred's of air pumps in market. But what makes it so special is its size. Its as small as your charging adapter and can be carried everywhere. It can blow as well as remove air from inflatable. You need not hold it, just attack it to inflatables and it does everything. This device has to be charged and it is completely waterproof. This is gonna be super useful gadget for sure.  .. [Read More]

  • 19. NEWEEX - All-in-One Travel Backpack

    Everyone needs a travel backpack that meets all the needs. It should be light, spacious, stylish, durable, water resistant and what not! Neweex has designed an all-in-one travel backpack that satisfies all your needs. This backpack was showcased in CES 2019 and caught everyone's eye. There are more than 20 compartments for storing. Neweex provides the charger facility for your phones. And also comes up with a quite unique suction cups. Yes, you read it right. Bag strap has a suction cup that can hold your smartphones when your hands are busy. Impressive Right? . But we are not sure how long or how much weight can the suction cup accompany. Overall a decent travel backpack with an awesome design. Check out their early bird offers on Kickstarter and back today... [Read More]

  • 20. MPOWERD Luci Original - Inflatable Solar Light

    MPOWERD Luci is a super useful inflatable light that is powered by the Sun. The lightweight, collapsible and handy design makes it one of the most portable Solar lanterns you could ever buy. The features like solar rechargeable, easy to carry and complete waterproof makes it a perfect survival tool. Be it indoors or outdoors, you can definitely make use of this tiny yet powerful lamp. With just over 7 hours of sunlight, the Luci lamp can light up to 24 hours straight. The lamp comes in different variations such as white light and multi-colored light. The white light version provides 75 lumens in intensity but I personally liked the multi-colored version which I had my hands on during the CES 2019. Costing well under $20, this light is definitely a "Take My Money" gadget. Stay tuned for .. [Read More]

  • 21. Mezone - Snug Fit Wireless Stereo+ Earbuds

    Today the entire world is behind wireless stuff. We have thousands of wireless earbuds in market. So here is one more addition to the list. What makes it better than the rest is the design. Yes, Mezone earbuds stay in place even during most vigorous moments and you can even sleep with it. Such is the class of the design. The look of the earbuds are also cool. These have IPX7 Water resistance which is greater than Apple airpods. They have 8hrs battery backup upon a single charge. Overall this is a decent pick if you are considering budget. .. [Read More]

  • 22. MetaFly - A Cool Ornithopter that You can Own

    You might be knowing drones but do you know what an Ornithopter is? If no, check out this super cool gadget named Meta Fly which is very similar to a drone that flies in the sky but its an ornithopter, that means, it is like a flying insect that can maneuver itself. Sounds amazing but does it actually work? Watch the video below and see for yourself. As per the manufacturer, this drone-like creature is a biomimetic controllable creature that can fly in the sky for around 8 minutes on a single charge. The range is about 100 meters which is definitely less but since this gadget is being used as a toy, that should be fine. The drone is very similar to a dragonfly both in terms of look and functionality. It is invented by 'BionicBird' which had previously brought out another bird looking drone.. [Read More]

  • 23. Aerowood - A Tiny Modular Wooden Drone

    Have you ever thought of wooden drone? Do you want to build your drone from the scratch instead of using ready-to-fly drones? Here is a product that makes your wish come true. Aerowood is a DIY wooden drone kit that allows you to build a drone from scratch. Customize your drone, give your own look, and enjoy the aerial view. Aerowood provides about 180 components that helps you build your drone. It also provides 720p HD camera to capture the view. So its time to switch to a customizable eco-friendly wooden drone. .. [Read More]

  • 24. Passport Pro - The Best Global Travel Adapter

    Are you a travel freak? Always irritated by different plugs in different countries? Want a simple adapter which can take care of all the things? Well you are blessed. Introducing Passport Pro, the Safest Travel Adapter. What's more than the travel adapter is that it comes with a auto resetting fuse and are the first adapters in the world to do so. So no more worries about replacing fuse. These adapters also have a inbuilt USB output ports including USB-C port. All these additional functionalities make this adapter a boon to travelers. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now!  .. [Read More]

  • 25. Glow - Cool Sneakers with LED Lights on the Surface

    You might have come across the fancy looking LED shoes. But there is a problem with it. In such shoes, the LED lights are almost on the sides of the sneakers. Though it looks crazy, it's not as crazy as having an entire surface made of LED lights. The latest innovation from YesWeGlow has brought this super cool looking sneakers called 'Glow' which has a full surface LED. On the first look, I thought it was an LED display on the shoes but in fact, it is just the LED lights. You have 6 color patterns to choose from, making the sneakers suitable for a wide range of clothing and styles. Constructed using the honeycomb fabric, Glow sneakers are water-proof yet breathable. The company claims a battery life of 14 hours which then, can be recharged using the USB cable. Costing around $100, these c.. [Read More]

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