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Our FREE tool lets you track Amazon Products and get notified when the price drops 

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How to Use the Tool?


Step 1: Enter the Amazon Product URL that you desire to track

Step 2: The price history of the product can be viewed by clicking on Price History button. You can access the tracking panel by clicking on Tracking button

Step 3: Enter your email address, the desired price and how long you need to track the product. Verify the Captha and click on Start Tracking button

That’s all. Our system will track the product for you and sends you an email if the price drops below your desired price.

amazon price tracker

Who Should Use the Tracker?

Everyone who shops on should be using a price tracker just because the prices on Amazon keep fluctutating every now and then.

For example, I bought my Macbook Pro laptop yesterday for $1579 and today it is at $1499. I would easily save an extra $79 by using this free tool.

The tool can save you hundreds of dollars if you are buying a high value product like a laptop or a home appliance.

The best part is our that our tool will be running 24/7 because we would not want you to miss even a single price drop.

*The tool is currently in Beta Version, so if you face any issues, please let us know at

Special Thanks to for providing price history graph